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18 May 2010 @ 11:02 am
I would like to know who made up the Bear Hug thing in the virtual gifts section on the home page... The bears look like they're making out hardcore and then got caught... I don't know if it's funny or weird. We'll go with perverted funny.


That was from a saved draft and it entertained me so I'm keeping it. So there.

I've been watching The Office on and off since it started in the US. I liked it, but I never really committed to remembering when it's on. I bought the DVDs for seasons 1-4 a couple weeks ago and got through part of season 3 before I had to go back to my apartment. My brother was watching it so I just left 3 & 4 for him to finish, but that means I won't have them for about 2 weeks. Kind of sucky, but whatever. It's not life changing. I can wait. I've also been watching The Vampire Diaries and the final season of LOST. The Vampire Diaries is typical WB teen show set up. Flat characters, only 2 are really all that interesting and one I'm not sure if it's because I'm biased or not since the actor is Ian Somerhalder. But his character actually has some development. He's 100x's better than the other lead characters. They've stayed the same since the beginning of the show and are painfully boring. Sometimes Ian's dialogue is corny and I'm embarrassed for him, but it's good I usually just have it on in the background. LOST I stopped really caring after they killed Boone, BUT I watched because my dad watched with me and now I just feel like I should finish it. I can't wait for it to be over. I did come across a show I enjoyed last night though. The Big Bang Theory is actually pretty clever. I highly enjoy the nerdy roommate.


I need to figure out what mood theme I want to use because I stopped watching Heroes after the first season and it makes no sense that I'm using this theme still other than the occasional Milo animation... I should finish the one I was working on. Well... If I have the files still. Stupid hard drive crash.

John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and Felicia Day focused avs:
John Krasinski Emily Blunt Felicia Day

Rest under the cut.Collapse )
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05 February 2010 @ 04:34 pm
I know! It's insane, but I have time right now so here we go. My birthday was a week ago, I'm 23 now. Lame. Nothing special about 23. I get no extra rights. 16 you're allowed to get a driver's learner permit. I'm sure there's extra stuff to being 16, but that's all that I remember being important even though I didn't get my permit until I was 18... 18 you're considered a semi-adult. You're responsible for yourself to an extent. Can join services and die for your country, go to prison, get credit cards... Other stuff... 21 you get to drink even though by then you probably already would've at least once. Don't lie. Everyone does it. It's okay. I think if you can go fight for your country you should be able to get wasted at 18. That's just me, I suppose. 22 is cool because it's a double number year. Then 23. Nothing special, but it's okay! That means you don't HAVE to do anything on your birthday. Not obligated to go try buy cigarettes. No bars. Just get to stay at home and enjoy it. I went to a skate party and I can't skate. Some girl broke her leg. Glad it wasn't me. Went on a walking tour of Little Tokyo that I may actually post pictures for later. Depends if I feel like it. We'll see.

So anyway, I think that was the jist of the month or so since I posted. Oh wait, LOST is back. I have to admit, my adult ADD has gotten worse. I was completely disinterested until Boone showed up for his all of 5 second scenes which totaled to probably 15 seconds. I don't know. I just know it wasn't enough. I'm a huge Jin fan. I am not enjoying the return to square one of his and Sun's relationship and I'm just hoping Jack stays as the non-leader. I like him 100 times better when he's not power crazy. I think it's also my bias toward Matthew Fox.

Also, I've been watching the Vampire Diaries for Ian Somerhalder. Not so great of a show as a whole, acting isn't completely painful, but his fellow castmate has a large rectangular head with a disproportionate face. It's distracting. I also don't watch anything too closely with that show other than when Ian's face is on the screen. I'm just not made for TV.

On that note! Here's some avs:

Benjamin Bratt Joseph Gordon-Levitt Ashley Judd
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05 January 2010 @ 01:36 pm
So last night I attended the fancy smancy Star Trek DVD release party. Well... First I had to deal with some shit about a very well known movie now that I probably shouldn't disclose the name of which took 3 hours because about a quarter of the way in the program we were using stopped working without letting us know so little did we know we continued on for another hour without really making any progress what-so-ever. Had to go back. Continue on from about 6 minutes into the movie.

So after a very intense extra hour of work, I quickly changed into a fancy dress and met with my co-workers that were also attending. Long story short. I met Leonard Nimoy, John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Zachary Quinto, and a number of other individuals who I don't really care about so I don't remember their names. Bruce is actually only memorable because he was standing next to John Cho while I was grinning like an idiot and spazzing because of the Cho, but Bruce thought I was excited about seeing him... So... After an awkward conversation, he went away to find his wife and I snuck in to speak to John. I heart him. One of the guys we work got his attention then introduced me to him and, of course, he's like "Oh hi, I'm John Cho." like I don't know who I'm salivating over...
That whole part was written back in November/December. Figured my autodraft save thingy shouldn't have worked so hard to hold onto it for nothing. So there it is. I'd add on, but I don't remember all the detail anymore.

So it's a new year. 5 days in. I love the number 5. So for the past couple of years I've been doing this thing where I try to do something new every month or so and just trying to fill in my time with stuff I enjoy. In 2008 I went sky diving. I did an internship with a major motion picture studio. I touched the car known as Bumblebee's butt... I wrote a lame script. I wrote a better TV script, but still haven't finished it. I graduated from a 4 year university in 3 years and a quarter. Got to go to a major movie director's office and hang out with his dogs, eat in his kitchen, etc. for a couple days. There was probably more to that, but I don't remember. 2009 I did a bit more:
  • Moved into my first apartment... Alone.
  • Started my first real full-time job
  • Worked Star Trek, G.I. Joe, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Imagine That premieres
  • Went to a bunch of smaller bands' concerts: Vogue In the Movement, Oh No Not Stereo, Scarlet Grey, The Matches, Neon Trees, etc. AND got to hang with the bands/ get pictures with most of them.
  • Went to a rock star's house to have him remove an earplug from my ear that had moved too far in, drank wine, hung out.
  • Stalked a different rock star and found his place of residence
  • Went to the Star Trek DVD launch party as mentioned above.
  • Went to the Madame Tussauds wax museum grand opening in Hollywood
  • Met John Stamos and had him sign a piece of the calendar I made with his face on it
  • Went to a real Hollywood club and hung with half of Sugarcult
  • Successfully made the Liz version of sushi and tofu steak
  • Took sailing lessons
  • Went pear picking
  • Went curling
I think that's everything... I've probably forgotten stuff. Anyway, THIS year! This year I'm determined to do try more stuff. I've already booked a plane ticket to Japan where I'll be for a week with one of my friends. I'm going to turn in the stuff for my passport this Saturday. I'm going to go to the Maximum Exposure Showcase at the end of the month to see Sugarcult and 40+ other bands. Bamboozled at the end of March with one of my best friends. I'm going to try snowboarding before the season passes... Otherwise I'll have to wait until next December. Uhm... I might try a flying lesson. I'm totally open to suggestions though don't be offended if I pass...

Movies... I was excited for a few movies last year. I don't remember what they all were now, but I remember some. Coraline I enjoyed, but it was in 3D and I have a problem with one eye so I can't do 3D movies. Other than getting sick, it was good. Nine was good. I think there's a musical that just came out/is coming out with that name. Not that one. I'm talking about the one with the little sandbag dolls or whatever they were. Role Models was hilarious. The Hangover was okay. I Love You, Man was okay. Sherlock Holmes was amazing. Star Trek was pretty good.

Music. There was a lot of good music that came out last year... All of which, again, I don't remember. Plus I've been backtracking and discovering bands I hadn't heard of before that *I* considered new. Right now, focusing on the new Weezer album. Awesome stuff.

To wrap up, here's some wallpapers:

Tim Pagnotta,Sugarcult Milo Ventimiglia,Jared Padalecki Mark Wahlberg Photobucket James Franco Photobucket Ewan McGregor Jared Padalecki,Milo Ventimiglia

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Ian Somerhalder Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Note: Ignore the month names. :P
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20 August 2009 @ 09:23 am
What the crap right? I am not good at updating. LOL I do have writer's block so I'm stooping to the level of answering the random question they constantly push at us on here. 

Least favorite day: Tuesday. Monday's suck, but what sucks more is having Monday behind you (especially if it was horrible) and not even being halfway through the week. You still have 3 more days to suffer through work or school depending on what you're doing in life.

Favorite day: Sunday. Despite the slight tainting that it has from being the day before Monday, Sunday is good because you're rested from Saturday and still have the whole day to do what you want.

Okay, so now that that's out of the way; I don't remember when I wrote last. I'm pretty sure it was a while ago. Yeah, almost a year ago. This time last year was much better than what's going on now. Yes, I was still taking French as far as I remember, but it was still better than this. I think I was taking Existentialism at the same time. I was taking two summer classes and interning here, at Paramount. The job itself is nothing bad I suppose. Very easy. Too much, but easy. It's just not what I want to be doing and I honestly don't see it leading anywhere near where I want to be - though I must admit one of the women I work with totally just enabled me to write a story that seems like it'll be very fun to do. Nevertheless, I want to go home. I want to hang out with my dogs. I want to go back to school only because it's this time where you "work" and then have most of your stuff to do at home which would really only take a few hours to do all of it, but you generally just screw around until the last minute and have to work brilliantly under pressure to get it done. Which is what I did... Every time. I tried writing a paper early once. I got a C on it. Every other time I waited until the night before and got A's. It makes no sense.

I want to start more stuff outside of work. I want to go to the gym. I want to take a class at the community college. I want to go out with friends - if I still have them. I want to make NEW friends. I want to travel. I want to make a list of all the shit that I want to do because there's no way I can do this all within the next couple of months. Especially sailing. I want to learn to sail but the classes for that are usually during the summer. I missed it this year. If I'm still working at this job next year I'll take it next summer. If not, maybe someone else can just teach me. I don't know. I think I had more to say, but I'm getting distracted.
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14 September 2008 @ 09:35 pm
Soooo... I'm not good at updating on my own. LOL I'm as uninterested as the rest of my non-existent crowd. At least I won't disappoint! So, it's... Hell, what month is this? September? Oh, duh. It says the date maybe 2 inches above where I'm typing. September 14th. Let me think of what's happened since January since my last three posts weren't really anything near being updates. Well, at least one was an av update. I should get some points for that crap. I demand a point.

Okay, going back to December for a short recap since it ties into some other stuff... As most of you may remember, the Writers Guild went on strike and forced many viewers into a short lived time of rerun darkness. During this time, I was enrolled in an awesome screenwriting class with a very entertaining man by the name of Weiko Lin. I'm not sure I learned anything beyond the basic screenplay format because I know damn well I'm still unable to identify the various major points within a movie, BUT he may very have been the final inspirational factor in my need to be involved in Hollywood. He has this go-go-go personality. He wanted things blunt and to the point. Things had to be done right or not at all. You had to be clear and concise. Him as a person is fantastic, but as a professor not so much. Student/professor communication was not so great. Anyway, his script had just been picked up by a production company when the strike started so he was obviously not very happy and he kept talking about it in class. My friend and I decided we wanted to get in on this picketing action and eventually got up to Hollywood for the "minority" strike day based outside of Paramount Studios. The Grey's Anatomy cast was there (Katherine Heigl got me ambushed my paparazzi because she came to stand where I was... It was my corner, Bitch!), Orlando Jones, J. August Richards (Gun from Angel whom I was WAY too excited about seeing, but I think I may have made his day by actually recognizing him...), one of the writers for Heroes, the asian dude from Entourage (I don't watch that so I dunno), and a bunch of other people whom I don't know were all there. I think that was on a Wednesday. A week later I went to Paramount for an interview for an internship.

I wrote before about my first day so... That's covered. The internship was supposed to be from January to March, Spring quarter. It's now September and I'm still there, driving to Hollywood three days a week, and being awesome. LOL J/K.. Sort of... It wasn't hard for them to keep me through June. We were doing Licensing Show and people were just like "Okay, whatever". After that though, things started getting tight. Christina had to push for me to stay through July. I couldn't work as much through August because I had class and then they didn't want to keep me on the budget. I was technically unemployed for two weeks from them and then last week I had to start going in again after Christina, Kirsti, Chris, and the rest of the gang basically did everything they could to bring me back until December. So, therefore, I feel awesome. :) This girl Gina is also helping me get my name out there for when I graduate in December so I can get a job straight away. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. Squee!

So that's the really really quick job update. I could probably go into detail, but I won't since I don't remember a lot of what I do anyway. I turned 21 this year. My friends threw me a surprise party that I tried to run away from since I had school the next day. They kept me there and got me drunk and I went to my 9 o'clock class hungover. It wasn't fun and it was at the same time. I had an excuse to leave class every fifteen minutes or so to run off to the bathroom. I also went to my first Lakers game this year. Mark Wahlberg, Adam Levine, and Will Ferrell were all there as well. Mmmm.. Mark and Adam were breathing the same sexy air as I was... Lakers kicked ass... All in all, a good night that was.

In March, my friend Venus turned 21 and we had agreed that we wanted to go sky diving... So. We did. It was amazing and fantastic and really cold falling out of a plane. I had a short Italian man strapped to my back so that was a little awkward. He had a weird sense of humor and talked kind of a lot. We weren't allowed to jump solo so that was were the little man came in. It wasn't too bad. The harness hurt my fat thighs, but it was totally worth it. I may just have to do it again. Oh, we also threw her a party! That she was late to... And we started drinking before she got there because of her lateness. We didn't drink lightly either, though our extreme drunkness was a sign of a good party. It was also my first toga party! We also went to Vegas for our cumalative 21 birthday party. Even though I had a final due the day after we came back. Kind of a downer...

I don't remember April, so May I took a couple other friends up to Hollywood to meet Matthew Fox. My friend took a much better picture with him than me so I was a little jealous and sad.. But I got a similar one the last time I met him, so I got over it quick. Nothing really went on between then and a couple weeks ago when I went with my other friend to Spare the Air. We hung out in the VIP area with the bands. Got pictures with Kenny Livingston (got a lot actually, including a few with his drums since we were standing there hanging out with him as he put them together.. Probably bugging the shit out of him, but hey. It's not like we'll ever get that close to these guys again), Airin Older, and Tim Pagnotta (other pic). Awesome concert. Got some sun for once since I'm usually in the office or in class. Marko threw me his guitar pick, but some biatch tried to fight me for it. I shoved it under a metal plate. If I can't have it, no one can... Especially since he threw it directly at me and she reached out to block it from me. If I see her again, I may have to destroy her... We also saw an insane accident on the way home. There was a car that had gotten hit and was facing the opposite direction as traffic was moving. The family was on the side of the road, waiting for the po po I guess, and this guy on a motorcycle sort of whizzed by trying to avoid getting hit by cars trying to merge then rammed the stopped car head on. Dude totally flipped over the hood and everything. I was traumatized. My friend was traumatized. We're probably still a little traumatized. He was okay for the most part. He got up and tried to get back on the bike, but we pulled over to tell him that his bike was leaking and then we called the cops so someone would be there in case he really wasn't okay... Then we drove away. We went to Kabuki after that. Got some good Japanese eatin'. Hot asian guy pulled my chair out for me and pushed it in for me to sit in. Made me feel pretty before I stuffed my face!

Oh, going back to July super quick. Went to Comic Con. Saw John Cho and Kal Penn at the Harold and Kumar panel. That man is just as hot in person as he is on tv. I don't remember anything else about that day. I had pigtails... I had a Joker shirt... My dad bought me a Spooky doll. I love it.

School starts next week and ended two weeks ago. I'm tired of it, but I'm done in December (If I don't fail anything, damn me for being lazy...) so it's not that bad. I think I shall post some Tim Pagnotta (Sugarcult) avs now.

"And you're the one who cared enough to break the plans I made for us."
- Line from the song "Freezing" by Sugarcult


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03 July 2008 @ 12:58 am
 It's good to see not much has changed. People still get on LJ to bitch about things and down other individuals. That's always good to see. I noticed one of my best friends' journals has been deleted. Not sure what's going on there, but I'm also not sure how long it's been gone since I don't really do much on here myself. I started writing a post a couple weeks ago and never finished it. I think it's saved somewhere, but I don't know where it is.

I had more to say, but I just got distracted and I'm pretty tired. Not excited about class tomorrow. I didn't do my reading for my quiz. :(
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29 January 2008 @ 10:53 pm
Happy 21st Birthday to me :)
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22 January 2008 @ 11:50 am
I'm avoiding homework again because I hate school and I love Ian Somerhalder. :) So it works out.

"I looked at the faces. They all bored lively, festive expressions; but not one person listened to or tried to grasp what was being sung, and no one had their 'breath taken away.'" - Easter Night by Anton Chekhov

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15 January 2008 @ 04:16 pm
I began working at Parmount Studios yesterday and it was a fantastic experience. I'm not sure how I manage to get the jobs where my bosses feed me, but we went out to Sur for lunch. It was one of the main ladies' birthdays so they took her out and made me tag along. I say "made" because I really hadn't planned on going since I don't know them all that well AND it's an expensive place. It turned out to not be as expensive as I had thought and the food wasn't that bad (I got a turkey burger and the turkey part was insanely dry, but the salad I had was awesome and the taste I had of their food and the cobbler was pretty good). One of the other ladies picked up the tab, which I felt bad about, but I was scared to shove money at her to offer helping. There were also cupcakes that I ended up saving until the ride home. The cupcakes were awesome. By the time we got back I had actually missed orientation and my main boss, Christina H., got me out of being in trouble since they made me go to lunch and it wasn't *completely* my fault, though I should have said something. I just didn't want to ruin Chris's birthday lunch. They all seemed to be having so much fun and I know Kelli was super stressed all day, so she probably needed that little break. Anyway, I missed orientation and when we got back Christina gave me a tour. Our first stop was the basement of one of the big buildings (I can't give a lot of detail, I had to sign my soul away) to grab some stuff and they were working on a set up above. We found what she was looking for and apparently surprised the hell out of her. I guess they're not used to finding crap down there. When we got back up from the basement we were getting in the go-cart and I saw Zachary Quinto standing maybe 10 feet away. He was wearing a gray hoodie with the hood on and since everyone already knows he's filming Star Trek I think I'm okay to say he was there for that... And had his eyebrows done. And was giving me some evil glare the entire time we were trying to drive away. I tried to offer one of those half smiles out of courtesy and I didn't want to get on Sylar's bad side, but that didn't help. The guy he was talking to turned as we were driving to stare as well and I was pretty much creeped out. I just want to say - I thought Sylar was taller. After that we went around to the rest of the set so I know where I'm going to be going for the next few months, I met a bunch of hot guys, annnnd I learned to drive a go-cart. I was there from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM. I left at 6 AM and got home at 8 PM. That's a very long time for me... But worth it. On Sunday I'm taking my family to the screening of Cloverfield so that my mom will stop whining about how I take my friends everywhere with me and also because I want my dad to see the movie in a cool theater.

BTW: If you wanna see sort of the Zach I saw, this site has a couple pictures. Except he was wearing a gray hoodie.

So I was looking for images to make icons from and somehow I stumbled across this picture:

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11 November 2007 @ 01:18 pm
I went from once a week to once a month. Slick huh? LOL I don't know. Whatever. Milo Ventimiglia post. Some are older so they're pretty bad, but I'm still gonna share.
"The writer is the most important person in Hollywood, but we must never tell the sons of bitches."
- Irving G. Thalberg

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